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The Post-Doctoral Internship Program at the University of Franca is a research program, carried out in the units, integration bodiescomplementary bodies of the Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Programs at the University of Franca, open to holders of a doctorate degree.
This Post-Doctoral internship is approved by CONSUV Resolution nº 02/2013, of May 20, 2013, whose fundamental objectives are to improve the level of scientific excellence of the University, applying the knowledge acquired in strategic areas, which need constant investment in researchinnovation due to the dynamic nature of this segmentto support scientific, technologicalinnovation research projects, through the ion of proposals.

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PNPD – National Post-Doctoral Program/Capes

The University of Franca, under the terms of the PNPD/CAPES/UNIFRAN agreement, offers full-time scholarships. The number of scholarships to be distributed each year varies according to their availability. Scholarships last for twenty-four monthsmaymay not be renewed.

PNPD/CAPES, CAPES’s National Post-Doctoral Program, is an institutional grant program that finances post-doctoral internships in stricto sensu academic Graduate Programs (PPG) recommended by CAPES.

This benefit is granted according to the number of quotas in force at the HEI,the ion process is published on the instructional page.

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The Young Researcher (FAPESP) modality is intended to support research projects that favor the nucleation of new groupsthe decentralization of the state research system, developed under the responsibility of a researcher with exceptional performance for the stage of his/her career. The support is given in the form of a Research Grant and, to young researchers who are not yet employed by the research institution, the Young Researcher Scholarship may be granted.

The purpose of the Young Researcher Research Grant (JP) is to support a scientifically sound research project of excellent quality,which one can expect the nucleation of new groups of researchers in Institutions that do not yet have a tradition in researchthe creation of new lines of research. of research in Institutions that already have a consolidated tradition. It also aims to stimulate the attraction, under internationally competitive conditions, of young researchers with demonstrated international experience in research after completing their Doctoratewho are still in the phase of professional affirmation for research institutions in the state of São Paulo.

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Post Doctoral Students

+ Dr. Maisa Ziviani Alves. 2019 to current

Project: Community of mediumlarge-sized birdsmammals in the Serra da Canastra National Parkits buffer zone

+ Dr. Kátia de Oliveira Prieto. 2018 to 2019

Project: Evaluation of the natural compound Bacarina in view of its anti-inflammatorycytotoxic profile in vivo”.

+ Dr. Adriana Torrecilhas Jorge. 2013 to 2018

Project: Histological evaluation of the effect of eye drops based on Copaiba oil (Copaifera multijuga Hayne), at a concentration of 1%, on corneal healing in ulcers caused by chemical burn in rats.