Veterinary Science Graduate Program

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Veterinary Science Graduate Program

Veterinary Science Graduate Program (Animal Science and Veterinary Clinics)

Level: Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science


Union, ethics and flexibility: Inspiring professionals for continuous improvement. Transforming knowledge in actions. Training professionals to be ethical and capable to promote regional and social development based on pioneering research.


Focus in general and regional challenges; multi-orientation; qualify professionals already inserted in the market; flexibility; partnerships.


Changing; mentoring; harmony; management; intelligence; respect; balance


Research area(by Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – CAPES – Brazil):

Veterinary Medicine (Animal Science and Veterinary Clinics)


Admission Requirements:

Professionals from biological, health and veterinary sciences.



About Us

Based on the principles of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel – CAPES – Brazil, the research focus area of the Veterinary Science Graduate Program is Veterinary Medicine. The Program began its activities on January 19, 2007. Thenceforth, the Program has been officially recognized from CAPES and Homologated by Brazilian Ministry of Education ordinance #73, published in the Federal Official Gazette #14, section 1, page 22/24 on 1/19/2007).

The researches and training courses offered by the Program insure a differential scientific and didactic experience to our master’s graduate students. The main purpose of the Program is to provide mastery conceptual, methodological and scientific instruments in order to instigate professionals with notable critical sense and exceptional teaching skills. Just as importantly, our graduate students are prepared to develop research activities in both public and private sectors, besides to offer community services aiming to solve daily problems found in different areas of veterinary science.


Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University of Franca, under the terms of the PROSUP/CAPES/ UNIFRAN agreement, make available to the graduate student entering the Postgraduate Program in Veterinary Science, through classification in the selection process, CAPES/PROSUP scholarships or financial aid with full or partial dedication.
The number of scholarships or financial aid to be distributed each year varies according to their availability. The PROSUP-CAPES regulations, published with the CAPES Ordinance #181 of 12/18/2012, can be accessed on the CAPES website. Scholarships and Financial Aid have duration of twelve months and may be renewed.
Moreover, scholarships can also be offered by São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). Information on this type of scholarship is available on the website

Biological, health and veterinary sciences
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