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The development of research projects with a multiinterdisciplinary characterthe interaction with different productive sectors of society are characteristics of the Postgraduate Program (PPG) in Animal Science. It is possible to highlight actions developed by the teaching staff in three different areas of society: Projects with cultural impactdissemination of knowledge in basic education; Projects with social impact for the community and; Projects with economic impact for the industrialbusiness sector.


+ The PPG together with the Integration Committee with Basic Education (CIEB) promotes actions such as: the UNIFRAN Summer School; Meeting of the Integration Committee with Basic Education; Scientific Initiation Guidelines (CI) in High School; in addition to promoting lectures, materialeducational activities.

+ Together with the Social Integration Committee (CIS), it promotes solidarityvoluntary community support projects aimed at raising awareness of responsible ownership; collectiondonation of groceries for the elderly home, collectiondonation of clothes, shoes, toyssweets for needy children. As well as animal health care campaigns.

+ PPG promotes consultancy to companies in the animal health sector, ecotourismsmall rural producers sharing innovative knowledge for the use of sustainable technologies; promotes the cycle of lectures on Animal Science in order to improve the knowledge of professionals in the region.


The PPG in Animal Science develops activities with direct action in seven of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda: SDG 2: zero hungersustainable agriculture; SDG 3: healthwell-being; SDG 6: drinking watersanitation; SDG 9: industry, innovationinfrastructure; SDG 11: sustainable citiescommunities; SDG: 15: terrestrial life and; SDG: 17: partnershipsmeans of implementation.


Interaction with the productive sector
The PPG in Animal Science has been working in the industrialbusiness segment, developing advice, through the elaboration of high-impactinnovative intellectual reports with companies.

Still in the economic sector, the PPG in Animal Science is also frequently used for advice, technical discussionsassistance by several veterinary clinics in Francaregion.

In the environmental segment, research is carried out in the Serra da Canastra, for the recognition of priority areas for investments in ecotourism as well as for environmental conservation.


COVID-19 actions
PPG has developeddisseminated instructional materials for society on animalhuman welfare. Actions such as: Podcast on UNIFRAN Speaker radio on Well-being in times of Covid-19the production of educationalinstructional videos on mental health in times of Covid-19; Animal welfare in times of Covid-19; Well-being in times of Covid-19 and; Well-being in education in times of Covid-19. Booklets on AnimalHuman Welfare in times of Covid-19 and; Animalhuman welfare in times of Covid-19, distributed free of charge in schools in Franca.

Trainingsevents were also held for the community: Training in StandardAdditional Precautionary Measures in Medical Practice – Covid-19 Pandemic and; Knowing our immune system in times of a pandemic.