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The Program meets the need for training researchers to defending healthhealthy living, which goes beyond the absence of diseases to promote people’s health, using a critical, ethicalreflective approach, capable of building new knowledge for the benefit of society.

The Graduate Program in Health Promotion aims to train human resources, researchersprofessors who integrate their research into policies, practicesstrategies in Health Promotion. It is in line with Unifran’s institutional mission, by contributing effectivelyin a way sustainable way of improving people’s quality of lifeadvancing society.

Our mission is to promote healthcontribute to science, providing an alternative of academic excellence to graduates interested in entering Postgraduate Programsdeveloping nationalinternational research through exchange programspolicies.

The Graduate Program in Health Promotion provides a multiprofessional target audience with the ion with 20 annual vacancies for the Master´s6 vacancies for the Doctorate.

The Graduate Program in Health Promotion at the University of Franca was created in 1999was the first in Brazil. Since then, the group of professors in the Program has been participating in discussions on training in Health Promotion in the Brazilianinternational context. The theoretical framework of Health Promotion also supportedguided the creation of the first course in Latin America, at the Doctorate level, in 2011.

Studies immersed in this theme aspire to the diversity of actorsscenarios to expand significant interventions in terms of positive acquisitions in health, which include solidarity, citizenship, equity, empowerment, the importance of collective participationthe acquisition of individualcollective skills in this process.

To achieve the premises in Health Promotion, the diversity of the facultystudents is counted on. Currently, the permanent teaching staff is composed of: biologists, nurses, physical educators, psychologists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, pharmacistssocial workers. It also has the support of collaborating teachers. The Program has two lines of researchsix projects that postulate the improvementachievement of good health, which improves the quality of life, increases the ability to learn, strengthens familiescommunitiesimproves the productivity of the workforce.

Health Promotion practices are part of politicalsocial action processes, which need to be always reviewed in order to meet contemporary needs. The Program is part of the Interdisciplinary areaobtained a score of four (4) in the last evaluation of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES).

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    Marisa Afonso de Andrade Brunherotti

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    Marina Garcia Manochio Pina

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